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Fashion Flowers develops fashion concepts and guides and advises
in the start-up and scale-up phase of fashion brands.

Are you in the exploratory phase of your fashion brand and do you have ideas but not yet clear how everything works in fashion, or do you lack the knowledge to actually start, then Fashion Flowers is the right place. Even if you already have a fashion brand and are now about to scale up your clothing brand or clothing collection in a healthy way, this is the right time to involve Fashion Flowers.

Jaap Zoon is the name behind Fashion Flowers. With 20 years of retail experience in the middle to high-end segment and in recent years active in the development and production of fashion, he has an enormous knowledge which is now available through Fashion Flowers. If you run into problems with how to start with your fashion brand or if you already have a brand, but you lack the insight into how to grow further, Jaap can advise you in one or more personal conversations. Guidance for a longer period is also possible, whereby he takes on the role of a coach.

The information needs will be different for everyone. It may be that you only want a few starting points to be able to continue, this can often be done in one consultation. To build a good foundation for your idea, Jaap believes in concepts, in short; a plan within frameworks where everything comes together and is attuned to each other. Working according to a concept provides clarity in the conditions under which you present your brand, collection, webshop, store or together. Goals that arise from this make it easier to work towards the result.

If you want to know what Jaap can do for you, please contact us via the form or call directly 0610931477

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